JavaScriptTemplates offers template-driven formatting of web-page content, using JavaScript.

It will be fun to try this out. I often need to build web pages in which some of the content is created dynamically, via Ajax requests. The JavaScript which transforms the incoming JSON data to HTML tables can be painful to maintain. But I can't use server-side templating because I don't want to reload the entire page.

JavaScriptTemplates seem to offer a way around this. Not sure how one goes about previewing the templates, which are embedded in hidden textareas. Much to learn...

It will be really interesting to see how this, together with Naneau or Jester, changes development of dynamic web apps.

After the First Blush

Hm, this is a little troublesome:

     var myStr = "Hello ${customer.first} ${customer.last}, Welcome back!";
     // Using the process() method is easy...
     result = myStr.process(data);

Do they really pollute JavaScript Strings with a process method?

Yes, they do...

String.prototype.process ( contextObject, optionalFlags )

As a convenience, the String prototype is enhanced with a process() method. It parses the String as a template and invokes process(). The arguments are the same as for templateObject.process().