Xcode 5 - a profusion of provisioning profiles

When I upgraded to Xcode 5 I was very disturbed to discover that all of my old provisioning profiles, many of which I'd long since deleted from the app store, were suddenly re-appearing. I couldn't make them go away. All of them showed in the provisioning portal as "managed by Xcode 5".

And those old profiles were updated to include every device that I'd registered in the portal. Egad!

It seemed almost as if Xcode 5 were using Spotlight to find .mobileprovision files no matter where they might be hiding, and to bring them back to life.

I'm not sure I've fixed the problem, but so far this procedure appears to have worked:

  1. In Xcode 5's Organizer, review all provisioning profiles installed on your development devices. Delete those you no longer want.
  2. Quit Xcode 5.
  3. Using spotlight search, find all .mobileprovision files on the development machine.
  4. Trash every old .mobileprovision file.
  5. Empty the trash.
  6. Using Safari, login to the developer portal. Delete every provisioning profile that you don't want to keep.
  7. Restart Xcode 5.
  8. Open preferences.
  9. Open each of your Apple IDs, and View Details.
  10. Refresh the Provisioning Profiles.