The Wild Turkey of Alto Street

On a morning walk early last year I heard a noise that seemed out of place in Santa Fe. It sounded a lot like a turkey.

gobble gobble

It was, in fact, a turkey, a Rio Grande Wild Turkey at that. This tom had taken up residence on Alto Street, on the other side of the Santa Fe River from where I live. For a few weeks he could be seen walking the parapet of a house near La Familia clinic.

Bachelor Number One
Bachelor Number One

Then one day he disappeared. No trace. Gone, except for occasional news of his continuing adventures.

One evening we had dinner with a friend who lives south of town. She told us about her cat, whose newest hobby was leaving live baby bunnies under her daughter's bed, and about her own new hobby: delivering baby bunnies to the animal shelter.

Describing her latest trip to the shelter, she started laughing. When she'd walked in, she'd come upon something bizarre: a man at the front desk "bailing out a big wild turkey."

It was the bird from Alto Street! I hadn't seen it for a while and thought it had wandered off. Our friend filled us in: someone had arrived home one day to find the turkey aggressively blocking the front door. Upset and frightened, they'd called animal control. A neighbor, who liked having such an unusual animal in the hood, had come to bring it home.

Hearing about the person who rescued the turkey restored my faith in humanity :) A turkey is big, and it has sharp weaponry. But if such a spectacular animal were blocking my front door I think I'd just go around to the back.

Anyway, I never did see the tom again. I worried a little that he had been deported for good.

Walking to work this morning, as I rounded the corner from La Familia I saw a familiar form. The wild turkey of Alto Street has returned!

Looking fine as always