TextMate, Parallels, and Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition

I've been using TextMate for the past two years, and like it so well that I have a hard time adjusting to most other text editors. Even my old favorite, XEmacs, is now painful to use.

I recently started work on my first ASP.NET project. The customer wants the whole thing to be done with VB.NET -- another first for me.

Lots of bundles are available for TextMate, and among them is an "ASP vb.NET" bundle. Yippee! Since my Windows XP "machine" is a VM hosted under Parallels, I can develop my project in a shared folder.

[Edit 2007/03/06] On the Mac side I can use the Finder's "Network" sidebar entry to connect to my VM and mount the shared folder. TextMate sees it just fine. I get to use all of the toys at once.

Almost... I think it's because of filename limitations in NTFS, but I can't check out a working copy of my subversion repository into such a shared folder -- not from the Mac side. Trying to do so fails when subversion tries to check out a file whose name contains more than one period (".").

The simplest solution seems to be to to install the excellent TortoiseSVN under XP, and to check out the working copy from Windows. In order to avoid entering my ssh password 400 times, I've also installed PuTTY and used it to generate a private/public key pair for use with the subversion server.

Parallels really makes for some head-twisting fun. Recently I attended a web meeting using GoToMeeting, running in a Parallels VM. Instead of scrambling madly to keep notes on paper, I recorded the whole thing as a QuickTime movie using iShowU, running natively on Mac OS X. Let's see, that's a screencast recorded on a Mac, of a web conference running in a Win XP virtual machine hosted on the Mac.