Subversion, Bazaar and Mac document bundles

Subversion has problems dealing with Mac applications which store their documents as bundles (directory trees). The first is that such bundles may contain an icon preview file, "Icon\r", whose filename contains a carriage return. The second is that the bundle may contain files representing e.g. pasted graphics, which come and go as the document is edited. Subversion cannot, as far as I know, add and remove such nested files without user intervention.

Some applications, like OmniGraffle, offer a workaround for the hierarchical document structure. Other applications do not, e.g. LineForm, and VoodooPad, and Apple's own KeyNote and TextEdit.

(That's not quite true. The VoodooPad Lua Plugin Snippets page shows a Lua plugin which handles the hierarchical document problem by automatically adding new documents, removing deleted documents, and committing changes, for a designated directory.)

Does bzr handle either of these problems more gracefully than subversion?

Testing shows that bzr handles "Icon\r" with aplomb. However, it does not automatically add any new nested files to the repository. It's up to you to add them manually, just as in subversion.