New TextMate bundles

These aren't really new. I just wasn't aware of them.

JavaScript Tools

The JavaScript Tools bundle helps you lint, format and compress your JavaScript code, and convert code to and from JavaScript bookmarklets.

My favorite feature: whenever you save a JavaScript file via Command-S, the bundle automatically runs it through jslint. If any errors or warnings are found, a tooltip appears which shows the number of warnings/errors.

If you run a full validation using Control-Shift-V, you'll get a popup window showing "compilation" results -- complete with syntax errors and clickable links to take you to the offending source code.


I installed under ~/Library/Application Support/. It may be better to use /Library/Application Support/.

$ cd ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles
$ svn export

BTW I'm not sure why export is preferred over checkout.

If TextMate is already running, you can load the bundle by selecting Bundles->Bundle Editor->Reload Bundles.


I haven't done much with Sproutcore yet, but it does already have its own TextMate bundle which provides a few tab-completion snippets.

$ cd ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles
$ curl --location --get -o sproutcore-tmbundle.tar
$ tar xf sproutcore-tmbundle.tar

The curl --location option is required, since github will issue a redirect.

The extracted tarfile will have a root directory name of the form sproutit-sproutcore-tmbundle-.*, so a directory rename is needed.

$ mv sproutit-sproutcore-tmbundle-blah-blah.../ Sproutcore.tmbundle