Mavericks, OS X Server, and local sync accounts

I've installed OS X Server under OS X 10.9. Among other uses, I wanted to use it for local sync of contacts and calendars, in place of iCloud.

For the most part I've followed the beautifully clear instructions posted at (Setting up your own sync server). Everything has worked as documented, right up to the point in Configuring OS X to connect and sync with the server where Jay writes

[...]select ‘All on My Mac’ (this is where all the originals should be), select all of your contacts and drag them to ‘All OS X Server’.

Whenever I would drag to 'All OS X Server', the green "+" badge would not appear on the drag icon. I could not drop my local contacts onto the "All OS X Server" group.

Eventually it occurred to me to try to set up a CardDav account – the approach described in the section on configuring an iOS client. So, instead of adding a new OS X Server account, I'm doing as follows:

In System Preferences > Internet Accounts, select "Add Other Account...". Then instead of selecting "Add an OS X Server account", select "Add a CardDAV account".

Add A CardDAV account 8

In the resulting sheet, enter the account information much as you would have done when adding an OS X Server account.

Pasted Image 11 5 13 1 00 PM 5

Go ahead and create the account. You may get a warning about being unable to verify the identity of the server, if you're using a self-signed certificate like I am. If this happens you can click "Show Certificate" and, opening the Trust section, explicitly trust the certificate.

Pasted Image 11 5 13 1 04 PM 2

Click Continue to add the account.

With the new account in place, quit System Preferences. Launch Contacts. You should see a new group with the local name of your server. Better yet, you should be able to drag contacts from "All on my Mac" and drop them onto your new server account.

I haven't gotten around to trying a similar workaround for the OS X Server Calendar service. Here's hoping it works just as well.