Good on you, Wolf Rentzch [C4 release]:
"With resistance to Section 3.3.1 so scattershot and meek, it’s become clear that I haven’t made the impact I wanted with C4. It’s also clear my interests and the Apple programming community’s interests are farther apart than I had hoped."

I signed up for an iPhone developer account this spring, just before the change to the developer agreement which included the revised 3.3.1. The change was galling. Never mind Flash; Apple was showing what it thinks of its developer community. "We can further limit you any time we want. Not a big deal. Just rewrite your code."

I bought back into Apple in 2002, drawn by OS X. OS X developers are still free from the strictures imposed on iP* developers. Let's hope it stays that way. If not, then it's back to Linux for me.

Meanwhile, here's hoping for good things from HP/Palm, Notion Ink, and the Google Android ecosystem.