Raw Images from Perseverance

I was once part of a two-person mobile app company called Figure 8, LLC. We focused on color sampling and color management apps.

One of our prototypes, proposed by my partner Dave Ruel, helped users ensure that graphic images, when printed on any given output device and medium, would look as similar as possible to the original image as seen on a user's original viewing device.

That prototype leaned heavily on open-source software called lcms, the "little color management system". At a low level it answered a sequence of questions: "For every distinct color C in the input image, what's the nearest color C' that my output device can produce? OK, now what's the nearest color to that, that my iPhone can produce?"

That app was centered on human-perceivable colors. It used standard ICC profiles to help map colors between spaces.

(Hang on, I may be getting to a point.)

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